By supporting Patriot Voices PAC's Contributions Account, you will be partnering with us to contribute to true conservatives running for office.  Patriot Voices PAC contributions account is the only way we can contribute directly to federal candidates and to conservative state candidates in certain states.


This webpage is for Patriot Voices PAC’s “Contributions Account.”

Patriot Voices PAC is a political action committee registered with the Federal Election Commission, which maintains two separate PAC accounts: “A Contributions Account” and an “Independent Expenditures (“IE”) Account." Read the descriptions of each below:

  • Patriot Voices Contributions Account: This is a traditional nonconnected PAC with contribution limits of $5,000 per person, or $10,000 per couple per year. This account cannot accept contributions from corporations.
  • Patriot Voices Independent Expenditures (“IE”) Account: This accout may accept unlimited contributions from individuals, organizations and US corporations. To give to this account, please donate using this page.
  • Neither account is permitted under federal law to accept contributions from foreign nationals without permanent resident status in the United States, or from federal contractors or foreign corporations.